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Our Services | Roadside Assistance Package (R&R)


We  offer  24hr  automobile  emergency  rescue   services  with  an  unbeatable  nationwide support, we have dedicated toll free lines that motorists can call whenever our services are needed in case of an  emergency. We operate quick service centers in partnership with TOTAL in Lagos and Abuja. We offer diagnostic services on all trucks and we are the Sole West African Representative for WARN Inc, makers of world renowned winches and emergency equipment. Representative of Streit Group USA, makers of Bullet proof Vehicles. We are manufacturers’ representative for tow, refuse, and fire trucks and automobile diagnostic equipment.



We also  have  a network  of tow trucks  operators across  the  country enabling  us to cover major   cities   in  Nigeria  Our  operators  are   distinguished  by  their   technical   expertise combined  with their years of experience thereby  ensuring  that  our clients receive the most effective and professional service.



We are strategic partners with the various States Police Commands where we seek the cooperation of the police in tracking the vehicles of our clients, the FRSC, whenever there are accidents or obstructions on our highways, VIO, in terms  of partnership in enforcing the physical vehicle inspection,  LASTMA by collaboration,  in the quick removal of broken down vehicles  on Lagos Metropolitan Roads.