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Our Project Portfolio




Vehicle Inspection Office (VIO)

We have  initiated  a reform  package for the  VIO  in the  States that  will make  the Units  functional   and  professionally   equipped  with  the  modern   tools  to  inspect vehicles, train drivers, set up standards in the Spare  parts  and motor dealers sector in accordance with the National Road Traffic Regulations of 1997.


Octane Boosters

We have carried out a comprehensive investigation into the quality of fuel that we use in Nigeria and found out that our regular unleaded fuel is not suitable for 70% of the old and new vehicles plying our roads. We are therefore marketing octane boosters in the country to meet up with the premium requirement of high compression engines.




Octane Booster is formulated to stop knocking caused by low octane fuels currently used in Nigeria by owners of VW, BMW, Land rover, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Audi etc.


FRSC – Tyre Training Program

We have identified one of the major causes of road accidents in the country which is popularly attributed to the use of substandard and old tyres and discovered that motorists are ignorant of the tyres that they are supposed to fit on their vehicles.



For this reason, We  organized  a  tyre  training  course  in  conjunction  with  Dunlop  Nigeria  Plc  for officers  and  Men of the  Federal  Road  Safety  Commission  and  the  Directorate  of Road Traffic Services FCT in Abuja in December, 2009.


Automatic Transmission Oil (Dexron 111 and VI ATF)

We  have  also  carried  out  an  investigation   to  find  out  the  causes of  Automatic transmission systems failure and discovered that most motorists still use ATF Fluids that  are  not  meant for their  vehicles and  in the process  destroys  the  smooth  performance of the transmission of their vehicles. We are also marketing Pure GARD Dexron 111 and VI ATF in the country.


Lagos State Government and FRSC


FRSC Project


We are  also  supporting  the  Lagos  State  School  Traffic  Advocacy programme and the Federal Road Safety Commission Children’s Accident free initiative to equip all  school Children in  the  State and across Nigeria  with  reflective  vests  to  be  worn  by  the Students on their way to and from School. We have already supplied the vests to the Lagos State Government since May 2009 and of recent to the FRSC.


Gasoline (PMS) to Liquid Propane Gas (LPG)

We are  creating  a  campaign  on  converting  cars  from  fuel  to  LPG  and  will soon encourage Motorists  to  adopt  the  switchover  as  we are  liaising  with our  foreign partners  on  the   need   to  make   the   conversion   cheaper  and   affordable   to  all Motorists.